On Real Money Trading (RMT)

It takes a lot of effort and time to stay on top of the game. As a hardcore gamer myself, I have to contend with choosing between the virtual and real life. One cannot focus on both worlds at the same time. Having chosen the path of reality, my virtual performance came crashing down. I was not able to cope up with the high standard of living of the virtual community as I do not have enough time to gather resources, level up and stuff. And that is when I started to think about RMT.

Real Money Trading or RMT is a basically a term used in trading virtual assets and services in exchange for real money. In layman's terms, it is when players trade in their virtual currencies and in-game items, power leveling services or even a character or account for real cash. Most Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) providers are very much against RMT because according to them, all virtual assets are still the owned by the company as part of their intellectual rights. The players are only paying for their "accessibilty" to their product. So whenever you advertise or in anyway promote in-game services, it is most likely that you're account will get banned.

However, most companies realize that they are fighting a losing battle with RMT. So instead of wasting their efforts and resources in purging RMT, they decided to battle them head-on with the introduction of the so-called Item Mall or the premium shop. In here they usually sell personalized items or any in-game items to players. Since these items' cost are way expensive and mostly substandard to items obtained from hardcore gaming, most people still choose the option of RMT.

Some may agree and yet some may disagree, RMT will continue to flourish as the world of the MMORPG grows and new games are introduced into the gaming community. Just as the game designers make each game more challenging and better than the rest, RMT will be there to keep players on their top performance for them to face these challenges. As long as there are hardcore gamers up and running and requires services to keep them on top of the game, I strongly believe that RMT will be here to stay.


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