Healing: The Best Skill in MMORPG

In almost all MMORPGs, a skill called “heal” exists. And this useful skill can be in different class and purpose; it can be dedicated to heal one’s self, another player in the game or a team mate.

Heal skill can be classified in many type; channeled heal, direct heal, group heal, group HoT (heal over time), reactive heal, spread heal, vampiric heal and some improved heal skill that have some added effects. All those skills are very useful if you use it properly. But which of those skills is the best?

The best heal skill that I’m talking about cannot be found anywhere in game… because it is the MMORPG itself. It is not about heal or any buff skill that you often cast to your characters in game, but how MMORPG heal a fading soul back to life… how this modern medium of amusement saves a life of a boy from being caught up with his sickness and refused to live his life the way it should be. READ ORIGINAL POST


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